Weekly Lettuce Plus Pack

$15.00 / week

Our weekly subscription makes ordering easy to ensure you always have fresh product at a big value!


Our weekly subscription to easily meet your fresh lettuce needs! Lettuces will include a romaine, a leaf or crisp, and a butter head along with other rotational lettuce varieties. The farmer’s choice bonus selection may include roots, herbs, or other leafy greens. Subscribers receive exclusive and special crops that may not be posted online for regular orders.
Let’s compare: 6 heads at $3.99/ea. at the store= $23.94. Our weekly pack is 6 heads at $2.50 each= $15 + FREE BONUS (at least $5 value) + $5 delivery= $20. Our lettuce stays fresh for a week or more if kept wrapped in the bag. If you aren’t home on Fridays just leave a cooler with blue ice out for us to place your order inside.

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Lettuce Variety Pack

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